Martha Bulger, LCSW | Martha Bulgar, LCSW
social work, social worker, grief, grief support
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Giving Yourself Permission to Change

Psychotherapy for Individuals, Couples, & Young Adults

My Qualifications

I completed my Bachelors Degree at the State University of New York College at Buffalo with a degree in Elementary Education/Education of the Deaf. I received my Masters Degree in Early Childhood Development at SUNY College at Buffalo as well. I went on to complete a Masters of Social Work degree at the University of Buffalo. I have been certified as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the states of New York and California and have been in practice since 1987.


I also have been certified as a Grief Recovery Specialist trained in The Grief Recovery Method®. I offer a 6-8 week program (either group or individual sessions) which will help people move beyond the pain caused by loss. This includes pet bereavement and how to help children grieve.


In the course of my career I have worked in a wide variety of clinical settings, as well as having my own private practice.

How therapy will help you

In treatment with me you will learn to make better life decisions, effectively express emotions, manage difficult times and situations, create and achieve realistic goals, and gain the courage to change the ways you participate in your life.

My Style

As a therapist I am compassionate, respectful, authentic, active, and engaging. My approach is warm, caring and genuine. I create an atmosphere of safety that allows you to share and explore your journey. I stimulate and challenge you, support and guide you throughout the therapeutic process.


My empathic and intuitive abilities are strong and this enables me to understand what life is like in your shoes. My passion for this work is unmistakable, as is my unwavering faith in the human spirit’s ability to heal and evolve. I come from a family systems approach and my technique includes cognitive behavioral work, psychodynamic theory and the use of metaphors. While my work is grounded in theory and clinical training, it is also infused with intuition and a wealth of personal experience.


 Together we will explore and evaluate the psychological, emotional, and behavioral choices you have made that brought you to this point in your journey. I would feel honored to be allowed to guide you along a new path in the service of giving yourself permission to change your life in a positive manner.

-Martha Bulger, LCSW


Services Provided


Letting go; Feelings of failure, shame, embarrassment; Life dream changes

Families of Origin

Family roles; Expectations; Learned patterns; Family secrets


Internalized judgement and criticism; Learned behaviors; Comparisons and shoulds

Relationship Issues

Conflict; Communication; Expectations; Work environment


Self-concept; Expectations; Feelings of loss and disappointment; Challenges

Life transitions

Marriage; Pregnancy; Parenting; Empty nest; Aging parents; Deaths


Expectations; Styles; Roles


Trust; Vulnerability

Grief Support Groups

Simply defined, grief is the normal and natural reaction to significant emotional loss of any kind. While we never compare losses, any list would include death and divorce as obvious painful losses. Our list also includes many others: retirement; moving; pet loss; financial and health issues; empty nest, among them.


The range of emotions associated with grief is as varied as there are people and personalities. There is no list of feelings that would adequately describe one person’s emotions, much less an entire society.


Grief is individual and unique. As every relationship is unique, so are the feelings and thoughts each person will have about the relationship that has been altered by death, divorce, or for any other reason.