Martha Bulger, LCSW | Testimonials
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“I am so thankful to have met Marty. She provides a caring, safe space that I thought I would never be able to find through therapy. I have experienced so much growth as a result of her guidance and support. Though I had specifically started seeing Marty for grief counseling, I am continuing seeing her as I navigate issues unrelated to the sudden loss of a loved one.”


“After my mother’s death in June, 2017, I felt lost. I found Martha’s flyer at a local Starbucks and it was meant to be. Our one-on-one sessions were exceptional going through the exercises in the Grief Recovery Method book. Each week was challenging and rewarding at the same time. Identifying other losses, not just with death, but also moving, relationships, jobs, health and selling family home was overwhelming. What made the experience remarkable was with working with Martha. Martha shared her losses too. Martha is a compassionate therapist, teacher and listener.  I highly recommend participating in the grief recovery method and working with Martha.”


“Marty has been such a huge positive for our relationship. First she provides a safe and comfortable atmosphere even when discussing difficult issues. In an intuitive, wise and practical way she offered us ‘right now’ advice for getting through tough times. Her wisdom is further guiding us in future planning by helping us to learn better communication technics. Coming from a non-judgmental and compassionate person makes hearing and learning easier.”

-DB and GA